RadoNorm short course: CELET

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23. Nov 2021
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RadoNorm short course:
CELET: Cellular effects of high and low LET ionising radiation – introduction to radiation biology

The course took place from 8.-19. November 2021 at Stockholm University in Sweden. The aim of the course was to acquaint students with techniques of studying genotoxic effects of ionising radiation which are of relevance for RadoNorm and the broad field of radiation research. The course contained 10 lectures by international scientists and practical laboratory work. The lectures focused on various aspects of biological effects of low and high LET ionising radiation as well as on techniques to detect them using cytogenetics and immunogenetics. The laboratory work included demonstrations of:

  • Basic dosimetric measurements and techniques of exposing cells to gamma rays and alpha particles
  • Preparation of slides for analysis of chromosomal aberrations and micronuclei as well as microscopic analysis of chromosomal aberrations on Giemsa-stained slides.
  • In situ hybridisation with whole chromosome probes (FISH) as well as image-based analysis of aberrations in painted chromosomes.
  • Detecting gamma H2AX foci and image-based analysis of foci.


The course was attended by 7 PhD students/Early Career Researchers from the EU (France, Germany, Hungary, Belgium, Spain) and 8 MSc students from the Stockholm University. The educational program also included a whole day guided tour of Uppsala with special focus on the museum devoted to Carl Linnaeus.

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