Coordination, Management and Administration

BfS, Germany

Description of work

The coordination of all scientific activities, the management of the consortium and the administration of the project budgets will be the responsibility of the coordinator. As project coordinator, BfS will be the single point of contact for the project for all exchanges of information, reporting requirements and financial aspects. All matters of the project to be handled with the European Commission will strictly only be the responsibility of the coordinator.


Task 1.1 Project Management [M1-M60] (BfS)

Monitoring of progress, CA compliance and scientific reporting

The coordinator will monitor the progress of the Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) of RadoNorm using the milestones and deliverables as controlling tools. The coordinator will be responsible for compliance with provisions of the Grant Agreement with the EC and the Consortium Agreement (e.g. intellectual property, ethical and gender equity compliance) with all RadoNorm partners. The Project Periodic Reports will be submitted by the coordinator to the Commission. The smooth operation of the reporting process requires the collection and collation of all necessary information in a timely manner from the participants, the reviewing and finally submission to the Commission. The Coordinator recognises this as one of the major management responsibilities.

Internal communication within the project

The consortium will benefit from clear lines of communication between all project participants and the governing bodies (GA, ExB) of RadoNorm. This information flow requires a balance between local communication within the work packages and tasks under the responsibility of the respective leaders on one side and the overarching communication needs of project under the responsibility of the coordinator.

A secure workspace, BfS, will be used as the main archive for coordination and management of internal documents. In addition, the coordinator according the archiving rules of BfS will store all essential documents in paper copies or electronically as required, also for assuring availability of results in longer period.

Project meetings and presentations

The Coordinator will organise the GA of the consortium. The GA will meet in a kick-off, four annual meetings and for the final project presentations, preferentially all of them will be held to coincide with the European RPRW or another major European radiation protection conference.


Task 1.2 Financial Management (BfS)


The coordinator will administer the disbursement of funds to the partners. This will be handled by a specialised administration unit within BfS and the coordination team. BfS will also collate, prepare and deliver all financial reporting documentation as required by the commission and specified in the grant agreement. This will be conducted in close cooperation with the administrative departments of the respective partners and the Commission. BfS will provide support if needed to partners in preparing their financial reporting forms and obtaining audit certificates. Information about add-on in kind contributions by RadoNorm partners to the project as committed in the CA will be collated and prepared by the coordinator.


The coordinator will monitor budgetary compliance within the provisions of the EU Grant Agreement and compare spending with effort contributed. The coordinator will be responsible for monitoring budget status, and reports will be made to the consortium on a regular schedule.


Task 1.3 SRA development of Radiation Protection Platforms (BfS)

Identification of project topics and results, which contribute to the SRA development of the European Radiation Protection Platforms

The coordinator will inform the SRA Working Group of the European RPR Platforms MELODI,

ALLIANCE, NERIS, EURADOS, EURAMED and SHARE about the findings and outcome of the RadoNorm project.

Identification how these results can contribute to the development of the platforms.

In cooperation with the members of the Advisory Board of RadoNorm, which will include

representatives of the Platform, results, conclusions and recommendations of RadoNorm will be shared with the Platforms and strategies developed for a timely update of the Platform SRA with regard to state of the art knowledge about effects, risks and mitigation in radon and NORM exposure situations.