EK, Hungary


Assessment of any dose effect relationships requires reliable dose estimation. Therefore, one of the main aims of WP3 is to support WP4 by providing data on doses, dose distributions, and their uncertainties. In general, all the tasks of WP3 provides input to the task of the same number in WP4 (Task 3.1 to Task 4.1, etc.). Besides this, WP3 aims to identify specific human subpopulations potentially more sensitive to radon exposure than the general public, and to develop a new dose concept accounting for spatial dose inhomogeneity. The specific aims of WP3 are

  • to provide data for epidemiological studies on absorbed doses and their uncertainties,
  • to provide data for biological experiments on doses at different levels of biological organization (dosimetry and microdosimetry),
  • to quantify doses in specific groups with potentially higher sensitivity or higher public concern,
  • to generate new knowledge related to the role of spatial dose distribution in radiation risk, and
  • to explore how intra-organ dose distribution can be considered in the system of radiation protection