RadoNorm research won the 2nd prize at the European Conference on Health Communication

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11. Nov 2021
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The RadoNorm social science researchers PhD candidate Kristin de Grouchy, dr. Tanja Perko and prof. David Hevey received the second prize for their contribution at the European conference on health communication.

The research on Stakeholder Signals: A systematic review of indoor radon communication interventions’ stakeholder characteristics and their relationship to indoor radon testing and/or remediation behaviour reports about indoor radon testing and/or remediation communication interventions that engaged stakeholders from the community/regional (meso) or national/central/international (macro) level.

Through systematic literature review they evaluated the stakeholder characteristics in relation to testing or remediation outcomes. The research results demonstrated that people targeted by a communication camping designed and implemented by stakeholders from a macro level, conducted more tests and remediated more homes than if campaigns were designed and implemented by stakeholders from a meso level.

This prize is a great achievement for the RadoNorm work package six (societal aspects of radon) since the prestigious Health communication conference provides a platform for scientists to discuss the role of communication about health and health-related issues in the context of rapidly changing media environments and technological developments, as well as in the context of current public health crises for instance Covid-19 pandemic. https://www.echc2021.eu/

Communication aspects are the focal point of the RadonNorm WP6 and will be explored, developed and tested extensively in next weeks, starting with Focus group discussions in Ireland and Design thinking workshop in Belgium already in November and December 2021.

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