E-NORM survey is now launched

written by RadoNorm
10. Jan 2022
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Regulators, industry operators and experts across Europe are invited to participate in a NORM survey of the RadoNorm project.

The survey is dedicated to naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM), with the main objective of gathering specific valuable information on various NORM topics from regulators, operators and potentially other stakeholders across Europe.

The knowledge gained from this survey will facilitate the development of recommendations and methodologies for supporting the practical implementation of national regulations considering the EU BSSD 2013/59.  The findings will be made available for all survey participants in form of project reports.

The survey is available electronically, on EU Survey platform, through a link provided at the RadoNorm webpage https://www.radonorm.eu/norm-e-survey/.
It will be open in the period from 10th January 2022 to 15th April 2022.

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