Video publications

Interesting videos about the project, with special attention to the presentation of the RadoNorm results, including the contributions from PhD and postdoctoral researchers and RadoNorm events.

RadoNorm citizen science webinar on European Radon Day, 7th November 2023

RadoNorm WP4 radon source for cell experiments

The radon source will be used for in vitro experiments with bronchial cells to understand how cigarette smoke and nanoparticles interact with radon in inducing DNA damage.

RadoNorm WP6 research presentation for IRPA15 conference

Tanja Perko, SCK.CEN, WP6 leader in RadoNorm presenting the first preliminary results on the communication of radon in homes with pitfalls and recommendations. The presentation will be given at IRPA15 conference which is on line conference, based in Seul, Korea.

RadoNorm started with the first experiment: Follow up our study with worms

The goal of this experiment is to investigate the influence of earth worms on mobility and bio availability of radionuclides and heavy metals. The worms are placed in contaminated soil and will be later measured for the presence of radionuclides and heavy metals. The report on findings will be given.