RadoNorm at REGSUN2022

written by Nadja Železnik
06. Jun 2022
Categories: Events

Under the IAEA REGSUN project, the Annual Meeting of the Regulatory Forum for Safety of Uranium Production and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials will be organized virtually from 6 to 10 June 2022. RadoNorm is invited at the REGSUN Annual meeting to give a presentation on the work done so far in WP2/Task 2.8 about NORM and their disposal at landfills. A pre-recorded presentation will be delivered.

The IAEA launched REGSUN (https://gnssn.iaea.org/main/REGSUN/SitePages/Home.aspx) in 2018 with aim to help with capacity building in Member States undertaking or considering uranium production or the management of NORM activities and NORM residues, in particular to: Promote good regulations and safe and environmentally responsible practices through the application of IAEA Safety Standards; Promote and increase the exchange of information and expertise among its participants, including providing regular updates on best practice, offering targeted assistance in review and provision of expertise, and identifying gaps in guidance and support; Support the development and utilization of IAEA tools and training materials; Provide strategic input for future IAEA work in areas related to safety of uranium production and NORM activities; Assist Member States to implement a sound regulatory regime for the regulation of uranium production and the management of NORM activities and residues.

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