RadoNorm presented and discussed at the SRA-Europe 2022 conference

written by Nadja Železnik
14. Jun 2022
Categories: Conference

RadoNorm research on societal aspects have been extensively presented at the SRA conference entitled ¨Living with Risks: sharing good practice¨, in Novi Sad, Serbia, on June 12-15, 2022. The question of “Does risk analysis have a future in Europe?” has been discussed at the round table with distinguished world risk analysis leading academics, such as prof. Ortwin Renn and prof. Ragnar Lofstedt. Among six leading academics was also dr. Tanja Perko, the RadoNorm WP6 leader. She presented the RadoNorm project as a model for novel and transdisciplinary research in Risk Analysis. In addition to this, the RadoNorm early career researcher MSc Melisa Muric presented “Modeling responses styles in radiological risk perception scales”, the work of the methodological task members of the RadoNorm WP6, prof. Peter Thijseen, dr. Catrinel Turcanu and dr. Tanja Perko. They are developing, testing and improving a modular questionnaire investigating attitudes towards radon and NORM and radiation protection behaviour of the exposed population. The RadoNorm project was recognised as an important contributor to Risk Analysis and the leading Radon risk related project worldwide.


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