RadoNorm at the IAEA “Holistic Approach to NORM Management” Webinar

written by RadoNorm
09. Jul 2021
Categories: Webinars

A workshop sponsored by the IAEA Technical Cooperation Program in Brazil attempted to review the Member State Infrastructure to deal with several NORM topics such as policy, strategy, regulations, inventory, valorisation of residues (in the scope of the circular economy), disposal of NORM waste, characterization of residues, decommissioning of facilities and site remediation and communication in an integrated way and provide the Member States with a road-map that would allow the country to implement such approach. The workshop raised valuable perspectives that will be shared with the international community in an IAEA/ENVIRONET webinar on the 15th July 2021.


During the webinar RadoNorm will give a short presentation covering for some general information on planned work regarding RadoNorm activities, in particular modelling in WP2 and WP5 for NORM.


For more information, please see this link:


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