First paper published by RadoNorm focusing on citizen science on radon

written by RadoNorm
13. Jul 2021
Categories: Papers

The first publication of RadoNorm is the result of Task 6.3.1 on citizen science which has the aim to establish a citizen science toolkit for radon prone areas and a network of citizen science projects to address radon. The partners in this task have examined and evaluated existing citizen science initiatives in the field of radon. They have also assess the extent to which these citizen science initiatives contribute to radon research and/or radiation protection on radon. Most of the current citizen science projects apply the simplest form of participation (crowdsourcing) and only one of the eight identified focuses on radon mitigation. The development of citizen science initiatives which considers not only testing but also radon mitigation, may contribute to a decrease in radon related lung cancer. Our aim in RadoNorm is to launch citizen science initiatives where citizens actively reduce the levels of radon exposure in their houses.

You can read the full article here:

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