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april, 2024

RadoNorm funded citizen science project, RADOHOW empowers citizens to take action against indoor radon concentrations in both homes and workplaces

The RADOHOW citizen science project in Spain, funded by RadoNorm, has conducted individual meetings with all 25 participants of the project to present the results and graphs derived from their radon measurements. The objectives of these sessions were to sustain...

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RadoNorm launches Research Seminar Series

An online open seminar series was recently launched to showcase the latest developments in RadoNorm. The first webinar in this series was successfully held on 10th January 2024 with approximately 60 participants. The title of the talk was “The environmental impact of...

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Citizen science projects webinar

The 6 newly funded citizen science projects in WP6 of RadoNorm and the ongoing citizen science project in Hungary will present their latest updates in a webinar to be held on 7th November 2023 (European Radon Day). Stay tuned for information on registration.

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Citizen Science Webinar

Citizen Science Webinar The first webinar for the open call for citizen science projects was held on European Radon Day (7th November). The call was introduced and explained by members of work package 6 and the project coordinator. Many representing institutions...

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European Radon Day

The European Radon Association proclaimed 7 November “European Radon Day”. With good reason: the radioactive noble gas is among the leading causes of death from lung cancer after smoking. Radon occurs everywhere in soil. Larger amounts entering a building increase the...

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