RadoNorm workshop in collaboration with RICOMET2021

written by RadoNorm
09. Sep 2021
Categories: Webinars

RadoNorm project in collaboration with RICOMET2021 held a workshop entitled “Beyond scientific disciplinary boundaries: the future of radiation protection research and practice?” on 8th of September 2021. The meeting started with moderated webinar to answer questions like what is multi- and transdisciplinarity in research and practice, what is the motivation behind transdisciplinarity, what are the common challenges and how to overcome them followed by presentations of multi- and transdisciplinary projects in radiation protection research and practice. Discussion in small groups was reported in the last online event to elaborate the answer on what is transdisciplinary research/practice, what are opportunities and pitfalls of multidisciplinary research/practice and how to include other disciplines and citizens in research/practice. More information will be available on RadoNorm and SHARE websites.

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