Postdoctoral Scientist position open at DSA Norway

written by Nadja Železnik
22. Jun 2022

DSA is looking for a postdoctoral scientist to investigate multiple exposures when naturally occurring radioactive materials are co-occurring with multiple other hazardous contaminants.

The main objective of the postdoc position is to gain better insights into the exposure conditions at sites prone to multiple hazards including naturally occurring radionuclides. The dependence of the behaviour of U-238 and Th-232 decay series radionuclides on the presence of other hazards and different environmental parameters will be investigated to provide a better understanding of mobilization and transfer pathways in the environment.

The postdoc candidate will perform fieldwork and theoretical work in close collaboration with colleagues at DSA, NMBU and the RadoNorm project. Communication of the obtained results within the RadoNorm project and in scientific journals and conferences is an essential part of the position. Holding a PhD is pre-requisite for this position.

See here for more information:

Deadline: 29.07.2022


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