RadoNorm at the HERCA Pre-Workshop event

written by RadoNorm
24. Mar 2021
Categories: Events

The citizen science initiative on #radon promoted by the RadoNorm project was presented on 23 of March 2021 by Stephanie Long from @EPAIreland at the pre-workshop on national radon action plans organised by the Heads of the European Radiological protection Competent Authorities (HERCA) event. The citizen science mapping and evaluation already undertaken as part of RadoNorm was explained, showing that radon citizen science projects are missing the final and most important steps needed to reduce exposure: remediation, mitigation and re-testing. The next steps in this RadoNorm task include the development of a toolkit to inform householders about remediation options and support them with professional advice. The toolkit will be tested in France, Ireland, Norway and Romania and results will be evaluated to see whether this approach results in higher remediation rates compared to other interventions. This presentation on citizen science on radon measurements and mitigation raised a lot of interest by the participants, mainly from radiological protection competent authorities.

Basic research questions with regards to radon and NORM were discussed in September 2019 at the Cores Symposium – presentations can be found at https://www.stuk.fi/web/en/about-us/cooperation/cores-finnish-consortium-for-radiation-safety-research/events/cores-symposium-on-radon-and-norm-3-4-sep-2019.

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