Constitution of a RadoNorm Early Career Researcher council

written by Nadja Železnik
10. Oct 2022

A total of 23 PhD students and 12 postdoctoral researchers (collectively referred to as early career researchers) are funded by RadoNorm during the duration of the project. On 2022 10 05, during the second annual meeting in Munich, the ECR met and set up a RadoNorm Early Career Researcher Council (ECRC). The aim of the ECRC is to allow closer contacts and networking of young researchers that form the basis of future European Union experts in the field of radiation protection related to radon and NORM. The plan is to organize regular seminars and meetings with the aim of explaining the research questions tackled within each WP to members of other WPs in a way that will facilitate transdisciplinary collaboration. The council is composed of the chairperson Ämilie Degenhardt (BfS) and representatives of RadoNorm work packages: Warren John (BfS) for WP1, Andrea Maiorana (ISS) for WP2, Alok Dhaundiyal (EK) for WP3, Wafa Alimam (TUNI) for WP4, Hubert Makula (GIG) for WP5 and Melisa Muric (UAntwerpen/SCKCEN) for WP6. The council will meet again via ZOOM during early November.

ECRC on site participants at the 2nd RadoNorm Annual meeting, others were present via ZOOM

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