Conclusion of RadoNorm 3rd Annual Meeting

written by Nadja Železnik
30. Sep 2023

The RadoNorm 3rd Annual Meeting came to a close on 21st September in Ustroń, Poland after 2 days of internal meetings within and between work packages, and 2 days of plenary sessions. In the session on Health, attention was brought to radon dosimetry and the adverse effects of radon such as lung cancer. The panel discussion involved exchange on the relevance of the dose conversions currently in use for exposure to radon. Radon measurements and dose evaluations were among the themes addressed in the session on Environment, in addition to advice on radon mitigation measures. The final session on Society and Radiological Protection highlighted the public response towards ionising radiation and an exciting panel discussion ensued on the topic of practical recommendations for handling naturally occurring radioactive material. RadoNorm early career researchers also used the opportunity to showcase their activities and bring to the spotlight their own challenges and career perspectives in radiation protection.

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