Researchers in a spotlight


My name is Kristin Kelly de Grouchy and I am a PhD research student at Trinity College of Dublin, and SCK-CEN. I come from a multi- and inter-disciplinary background of health, economics, behavioural science and law. My RadoNorm PhD project examines socio-psychological effects on behaviour related to indoor radon mitigation. The interview series allows me to explore more topics through the eyes of leading experts and learn more about RadoNorm. I have a passion for drinking coffee, the classics and Pilates. I would like to thank the RadoNorm project for opportunity to perform such cutting-edge research in such a collaborative environment.
My name is Sofie Apers, I am a PhD student at the University of Antwerp and SCK CEN looking at the best ways to communicate to the public about the risks from indoor radon. I believe these interviews are a great opportunity to show everyone not only the research we are doing in the RadoNorm project, but more importantly the people behind the research, what motivates them and how they collaborate on reducing lung cancer related to radon. I am honoured to be a part of this project.

My name is Nazanin Love. I am a PhD candidate at Hasselt University and SCK CEN in Belgium. In the RadoNorm project, my research is allocated in WP6, where I contribute to the societal aspects of the project through investigating different stakeholders’ perceptions regarding the usage of NORM-contained by-products in cementitious binders. I am happy to have the opportunity to conduct interviews with valuable members of RadoNorm to learn more about them and their work in this project.