NORM e-survey

The survey will be available online 10 January – 31 May 2022.

Main objective of the NORM survey

A NORM survey has been formulated with the main objective of gathering specific information and data on different NORM issues, which will contribute to improved understanding and handling of NORM exposure situations.



Who we are and why this survey is of importance?

Within the RadoNorm project  WP2 Exposure and WP5 Mitigation, researchers are looking for information and data to improve knowledge about various NORM situations i.e. understand physical, biological and chemical, as well as anthropogenic processes underlying radionuclides’ transfer in the working, living and natural environment, develop radioecological models, gather parameters and assumptions that are relevant for exposure assessment, obtain an overview of mitigation and remediation measures and existing challenges.

Mutual benefit from NORM survey

 The knowledge gained from this survey will be made available for all survey participants in form of project reports. It will facilitate the development of recommendations and methodologies for supporting the practical implementation of national regulations considering the EU BSSD 2013/59.  Additionally, here developed NORM survey methodology may be of valuable practical use in future national, initial or periodical, characterisation of NORM sites and assessments in the field of Radiation Protection for NORM.

Participant groups


Representatives of local/national/regional regulatory authority in the field of Radiation Protection and/or NORM


  • Operators of NORM involving industry
  • Operators of an organization involved in waste management


Scientists, consultants and other individuals with knowledge, interest and experience on various NORM issues

Your participation

Survey is made available online, on EUSurvey platform. Your participation in the survey is voluntary. You are free to choose which questions you want to answer and you can stop your participation at any time without any justification. You may save the survey progress and go back at different times to fill in further information. All collected data will be anonymized and analysed together with data of other respondents.


The survey will be available online 10 January – 31 May 2022.

More detailed information about this study can be found under the tab ‘About NORM survey’.

A glossary with clarifications of terms used in the survey can be found under the tab ‘Glossary’.

In order to get the link to the EU portal with NORM survey, please fill out a short participant informed consent form below.

For any information or question you can further contact us on the following email: normsurvey@radonorm.eu