Gustave Roussy Institute

Organisation name: Gustave Roussy Institute

Acronym: IGR

Country: FR

Participant No.: 47

Gustave Roussy Institute (IGR), located in Villejuif, France, is one of the largest Cancer Center in Europe. IGR has appointed 2500 professionals who have a dedicated competence in health care, teaching and/or research in cancer encompassing 300 scientists, 210 physicians and 880 nurses and assistants. More than 12 000 patients are treated per year at IGR with a bed capacity of 368 while more than 162 000 consultations ensure the follow up of 43 000 cancer bearing individuals. The IGR budget for research is 38 million euros dedicated to a yearly training of 2800 MDs or PhDs students in 27 research units (from INSERM or universities) leading to more than 400 publications in peer-reviewed journals per year.