Aarhus Universitet

Organisation name: Aarhus Universitet

Acronym: AU

Country: DK

Participant No.: 57

Aarhus University (AU) is a strong public university that is internationally recognised for the high quality of its research, research-based degree programmes, and public sector government consultancy, in addition to value-creating collaboration with private businesses, public sector institutions and civil society. AU has around 38 000 students, 10 700 employees, 1 800 PhD-students and close to 1,000 postdoctoral scholars. Internationalisation is at the heart of AU’s mission and activities. In 2021, it is no. 106 on the Times Higher Education World University Ranking, to mention just one international ranking. AU has an increasing number of international research and innovation partnerships and is participating in 397 H2020 projects (278 in FP7), 39 (21) of these as coordinator. It also hosts/has hosted 37 (30) ERC projects.