Workshop “Liquid NORM – sources, impact assessment and treatment”

written by RadoNorm
15. Mar 2021
Categories: Events · Webinars

The workshop organised as online RadoNorm event on 24th and 25th February 2021 met lively positive response from authorities, industries and the scientific community. 146 participants from 27 countries actively participated in the workshop. The majority came from European countries but among attendees were also representatives from Nigeria, Ghana and Kazakhstan. World-wide group of invited external experts (in majority outside RadoNorm consortium) provided 13 key-note presentations and contributed to the discussions sharing facts, offers opinions and responds to audience questions. Due to their significant contributions, the workshop scientific and practical quality fulfilled the objectives and provided applied information for the topic.

In course of the workshop industry expectation to have methodical, straight and precise legislation regulating approach to liquid NORM have been confronted with this phenomenon complexity raised by researchers and regulators’ suggestion that this problem, rather than being addressed separately in a specific regulation should be fully integrated in the overall system of water protection. Using an online questionnaire valuable feedback from world-wide group of stakeholders involved in problems related to liquid NORM has been gathered. And last, but not least, information concerning actions planned in frame of RadoNorm project was distributed among different target groups greatly interested in project outcomes as well as in contribution to particular actions. The presentations from the online RadoNorm event are available HERE.

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