We’ve launched our “Researchers in a spotlight” series

written by RadoNorm
25. Oct 2021

Researchers in a spotlight is going to be a regular news in the form of videos. It will shine a light on variety of RadoNorm researchers providing deeper and broader information on their research and achievements. The interviews as well as video production will be in the hands of two PhD students, who are engaged as part of the RadoNorm project.

The first two interviews were with the project coordinator Dr. Ulrike Kulka, BfS, who discuss the challenges and opportunities in working on a dynamic project that touches on diverse subject matter areas and Prof. Dr. Andrzej Wojcik, SU, the leader of Work Package 7 and responsible for the Education &Training of PhD students and early career researchers.

We hope you will enjoy learning more about the researchers and the RadoNorm work.

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