Training Course: Qualitative research methods on the societal aspects of radon and NORM

written by Nadja Železnik
09. Jan 2024
Categories: Courses

Members of WP6 in RadoNorm will be organising an online training course titled “Qualitative research methods on the societal aspects of radon and NORM” from 29th January to 9th February 2024. This course is geared towards all experts and authorities that apply qualitative research methods on the societal aspects of radon and NORM. The course will provide participants with both theoretical understanding and practical skills for selecting, executing and analysing data gathered from different qualitative research methods and according to the highest methodological standards.

The course covers hands on practice in choosing and applying the most suitable qualitative research method, how to navigate the RadoNorm data toolbox, analyse and interpret real data from RadoNorm WP6, apply excellence in research practices (credibility, transferability, reflexivity, ethics, etc.) and effectively communicate the findings to different audiences.

Students will engage with experienced researchers and practitioners who bring real-world insights and expertise in the field of radon and NORM social science research. They will benefit from their guidance during lectures, practical sessions and discussions.

The registration link and details about the programme can be found at RadoNorm courses folder on our website

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