Renowned Risk Governance Expert Prof. Ortwin Renn Visits RadoNorm’s WP6 to Tackle Societal Challenges of Radon and NORM Management

written by Nadja Železnik
07. Mar 2023
Categories: Research

WP6 of RadoNorm recently hosted a scientific visit by Prof. Ortwin Renn. The WP6 team has achieved all expected milestones, but still faces some challenges for instance in investigating radiological risk perception related to geothermal energy installations or focusing communication interventions on mitigating high radon concentrations in dwellings.

Prof. Renn, a renowned expert in risk governance, visited WP6 in Belgium on 2nd and 3rd March. During his visit, he gave a seminar to a broader audience that included researchers from WP2, WP4 and WP6 and had face-to-face meetings with social science PhD students to discuss their research. He also met with senior researchers from WP6 to discuss potential improvements in upcoming social science and humanities research in the RadoNorm project. In addition, Prof. Renn and WP6 members visited a public science exhibition in Dessel to reflect on how to communicate scientific facts about radon to the general public effectively.

The visit provided valuable feedback and guidance for WP6’s research, and opened up potential avenues for future research in the RadoNorm project. RadoNorm is committed to advancing the understanding and management of radon and NORM in society, and this visit represents a significant step towards achieving that goal.

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