RadoNorm Stakeholder Group establishment

written by RadoNorm
21. Apr 2021
Categories: Stakeholders

In the beginning of April 2021 RadoNorm started with invitations of different actors to become a member of RadoNorm stakeholders’ networks and to be regularly and proactively informed about the project and involved in related activities. In RadoNorm several stakeholders’ networks groups have been identified, including researchers, authorities, organisations which work on the implementation of measures, residents, public and others. Established networks will be actively involved various activities, such as pilot testing of communication tools, development of new regulatory standards, discussions on scientific findings or to be just informed about the RadoNorm results.

The invitation to become a RadoNorm stakeholder network is open and if you find this invitation interesting, please register at the RadoNorm https://www.radonorm.eu/stakeholders/. After registration we will inform you regularly about the activities and involve you in the events.

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