RadoNorm funded citizen science project, RadonGPS holds final meeting with citizens in Poniky, Slovakia

written by Nadja Železnik
01. Jul 2024

RadonGPS recently concluded its final meeting with citizens from Poniky and the surrounding villages in Slovakia. The event was marked by active participation and engagement from the local community. Citizens showed particular interest in the students’ radon mitigation projects and the results of both short-term and long-term radon measurements conducted in their homes. These collaborative efforts have fostered a sense of local commitment to improving public health and reducing the risk of radon exposure.

RadonGPS is a citizen science project involving approximately 50 citizen scientists, including adults and secondary construction students. The project aims to answer the research question: “How can future building professionals help improve the implementation of radon concentration reducing measures in Slovakian private dwellings?” To this end, short-term, two-week measurements were conducted using radon detectors in 34 dwellings (126 rooms). Additionally, long-term measurements involved three-month testing in 47 private dwellings (93 rooms) in the Banska Bystrica self-governing region.

The project engaged students from a secondary construction school, as future building professionals, to design tailor-made mitigation measures for owners of dwellings with high radon concentrations. In total, 14 anti-radon measures were designed, comprising 13 radon remediation projects and one radon prevention project.

Visit here for more information about the project.

For further information about the RadoNorm citizen science projects, see: https://www.radonorm.eu/activities/radonorm-citizen-science/.

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