RadoNorm Citizen Science Incubator Empowers 804 European Citizens in Radon Research

written by Nadja Železnik
14. Mar 2024

In a landmark achievement, the RadoNorm Citizen Science Incubator has successfully engaged 804 citizens across Europe in 11 community-driven projects focused on radon testing and mitigation. This initiative marks a significant step towards democratising scientific research and addressing pressing public health concerns.

Citizens from various backgrounds are actively involved in investigating specific research questions related to radon, leveraging their local knowledge and expertise to contribute meaningfully to the projects. Their participation signifies a paradigm shift in scientific collaboration, emphasising inclusivity and grassroots involvement.

In addition to their research activities, all participating citizens are filling out a tailored questionnaire aimed at providing essential information to RadoNorm Work Package 6 (WP6). This data will be crucial for ensuring the sustainability of the citizen science projects beyond the duration of RadoNorm, facilitating long-term impact and community engagement.

Dr. Meritxell Martell, leading the RadoNorm Citizen Science Incubator, expressed excitement about the initiative’s progress and the potential for citizen-driven research to address complex challenges effectively. She highlighted the importance of empowering communities to play an active role in scientific inquiry, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility among participants.

The success of the RadoNorm Citizen Science Incubator underscores the power of collaborative research models in addressing societal challenges and promoting public engagement. As the projects continue to evolve, the insights gathered from citizen participation will play a crucial role in shaping future research and initiatives aimed at ensuring public safety and well-being.

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