RadoNorm at CERAD Annual Conference 2021

written by RadoNorm
26. May 2021
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RadoNorm project was presented in the Annual Conference of CERAD, Centre of Excellence for Environmental Radiation in Norway. The virtual CERAD Annual Conference 2021 took place 10-11 May, 2021.

The Centre for Environmental Radioactivity was established at NMBU, Norwegian University of Life Sciences, in 2013. CERAD receives long-term funding (2013-2022) under the Centre of Excellence (CoE) scheme of the Norwegian Research Council. This scheme supports collaboration between scientists through generous funding of ambitious and innovative research projects. The CoEs work on complex problems that require coordinated, multidisciplinary and long-term research activities to achieve their objectives. CERAD studies the harmful effects of radiation on organisms and the ecosystem as a whole, to improve the protection of people and environment.

Five Norwegian organisations collaborate in CERAD and three of them are also partners in the European RadoNorm project. “CERAD is an outstanding example of a national programme contributing to the environmental radiation risk assessment. CERAD has developed tools and methods to address key uncertainties in risk assessment”, says prof. Sisko Salomaa who is leading the work on Effects and risk assessment of radon and NORM in the RadoNorm project.  “A more accurate assessment of the risks from environmental radioactivity will greatly assist their management and mitigation”, confirms prof. Deborah Oughton, the Director of CERAD, ”CERAD’s fundamental research into sources of radiation, transfer in ecosystems and biological responses provides new insights into the environmental impacts of low radiation, without or in combination with other environmental stressors”.

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