Post-doctoral position on Numerical modelling of radon transport in karstic system

written by RadoNorm
23. Feb 2022

A national map of the geogenic radon potential was elaborated in France in 2010. However, the results of this mapping showed the necessity to enhance knowledge on the influence of some local geological factors on the radon production and migration, such as karstic structures, at a regional scale. As part of the National Action Plan 2016-2019 in France for management of the radon risk, a first study was performed by IRSN, on a pilot area in the Jura Mountains including field data acquisition and the development of a numerical model which can simulate radon transport in karstic environment. In order to confirm and complete the results of this first study, additional investigations will be carried out as part of the European RadoNorm project The research will be conducted in particular to improve the radon transport modeling, from a new data set. This study will be the subject of a 12-month post-doctoral contract (start on 1st April 2022).

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