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december, 2023

Citizen science projects webinar

The 6 newly funded citizen science projects in WP6 of RadoNorm and the ongoing citizen science project in Hungary will present their latest updates in a webinar to be held on 7th November 2023 (European Radon Day). Stay tuned for information on registration.

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ECR at 3rd RadoNorm Annual meeting

Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers from all work packages have participated in the third RadoNorm annual meeting organized in Ustroń, Poland. In addition to taking part in the internal meetings, Early career researchers (ECRs) gave presentations at the three...

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RadoNorm 3rd Annual Meeting kicks off

The 3rd Annual Meeting taking place in Ustroń, Poland this year has just kicked off and will continue with internal meetings until Tuesday (19th), followed by plenary sessions until Thursday (21st). Over 75 organisations are being represented at the meeting. The...

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CELET Course 2023

The RadoNorm course CELET (Cellular and genotoxic effects of high and low LET ionising radiation introduction to radiation biology) will be organised this year again and held in Stockholm University from 13th to 24th November 2023. The aim of the course is to acquaint...

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Honorary Associate Professor in RadoNorm

Balázs Madas, who is RadoNorm’s WP3 leader working at the Center for Energy Research in Hungary, recently received the title of “Honorary Associate Professor” from the Dean of the Faculty of Chemical Technology and Biotechnology at the Budapest University of...

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RadoNorm 3rd Annual Meeting

RadoNorm’s Annual Meeting in 2023 will take place from the 18th to the 21st September near Katowice, Poland. The first two days will be for consortium members only, where internal meetings within and between work packages will take place. The 20th and 21st September...

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