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may, 2024

RadoNorm wishes a happy International Women’s Day

Radiation protection around the world relies heavily on the engagement of women, without whom the intense progress made over the years would not be possible. Here is a tribute to celebrating these hard-working and dedicated women who daily contribute to protecting...

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Next RadoNorm Research Seminar

The 2nd Research Seminar in the year is titled "Cancer-related changes in cells exposed to alpha radiation from radon in combination with airborne particles” by N. Boroumand of Stockholm University. The online talk will take place on Wednesday, 14th February 2024 at...

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RadoNorm launches Research Seminar Series

An online open seminar series was recently launched to showcase the latest developments in RadoNorm. The first webinar in this series was successfully held on 10th January 2024 with approximately 60 participants. The title of the talk was “The environmental impact of...

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New Publication on Performance of Radon Monitors

A recent paper has come out in the journal of Building and Environment reflecting the work of colleagues in WP2 of RadoNorm from HES-SO University of Applied Sciences and Arts Western Switzerland. The study on Performance evaluation of radon active sensors and passive...

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InterRad Training Course in 2024

From 15th to 26th April 2024, BfS will be organising the InterRad course (Interdisciplinary Radiation Research on Radon) for the 2nd time during the RadoNorm project. The course will provide insights into physical, biological and epidemiological fundamentals in...

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CELET Training Course in 2024

Stockholm University will once again be organising the CELET course (Cellular and genotoxic effects of high and low LET ionising radiation – introduction to radiation biology) in 2024 from 11.11.2024 – 22.11.2024. The aim of the 2‑week course is to acquaint students...

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