New scientific article on the perspectives of radon

written by RadoNorm
06. May 2022
Categories: Research

A new scientific article, as a result of the RadoNorm project, was just published in International Journal of Public Health (Impact Factor: 3.38). The article “Cure or Carcinogen? A Framing Analysis of European Radon Spa Websites”, is written by WP6 members: Robbe Geysmans, Tanja Perko, Mirjana Keser, Christiane Pölzl-Viol, Ivana Fojtíková and Peter Mihók.

Authors in their research demonstrated controversy in radon communication which may have an influence on protective behaviour of people leaving in high‑radon‑prone areas. While public health authorities emphasise radon’s health risks, there are spas across Europe which claim health benefits of radon. This study investigates how websites of European radon spas frame radon gas, in order to understand the potential controversy between “radon as carcinogen” and “radon as cure,” and its potential impact on public health interventions. This was a two-phased frame analysis of websites of radon spas (n = 26) situated in the European Union. Five frames are identified, which present radon as a 1) source of health, 2) natural gas, 3) (non) risk, 4) luxury and 5) fountain of youth. These five partly overlapping frames are at times in clear contrast with the ways in which radon is presented in a public health context. Being aware of the existence and contents of radon frames, which potentially challenge or contradict public health interventions, helps responsible authorities in designing more effective campaigns and interventions.

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