New RadoNorm Publications

written by Nadja Železnik
14. Apr 2023
Categories: Papers

2 new papers in the framework of WP2 have been recently published:

Influence of Dose Conversions, Equilibrium Factors, and Unattached Fractions on Radon Risk Assessment in Operating and Show Underground Mines” by Skubacz et al compares the results of exposure assessments for workers at underground workplaces based on actual conditions prevalent at mining facilities, including the nature of the work performed and direct measurement of agents that affect exposure, such as aerosol size distribution, unattached fraction, and PAEC.

A methodology for the systematic identification of naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM)” by Michalik et al presents a methodology for systematic identification of NORM exposure situations, which allows detailed investigation and complete identification of situations where NORM may present a radiation protection concern.

Both papers are available on the RadoNorm website.


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