New publications in RadoNorm

written by Nadja Železnik
16. Nov 2023
Categories: Papers

2 new publications have been recently published in the frames of WP2 and WP6. Assessing the exposure situations with naturally occurring radioactive materials across European countries by means of the e-NORM survey by Mrdakovic Popic et al. was published in Science of the Total Environment and pertains to the survey results from the e-NORM survey to improve knowledge of the different aspects of regulation and management of NORM-exposure situations across Europe. When citizen science meets radon building diagnosis: Synthesis of a French pilot project developed in the framework of the European RadoNorm research project by Andresz et al. was published in Open Research Europe and features the outcomes of the pilot citizen science project conducted in Pays Vesoul Val-de-Saône, France, improving an online self-evaluation guide for radon diagnosis.

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