New job offer at IRSN in WP4

written by Nadja Železnik
22. Mar 2023

The Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire (IRSN), France, is looking for a new postdoctoral scientist to support the work in WP4 of RadoNorm. The objective of the post-doc is to explore the impact of different sources of uncertainty on the estimation of lifetime lung cancer risk. The candidate will help identify different radon exposure scenarios according to duration, age at exposure, time since exposure, smoking status, etc., consider relevant populations of different origin (Europe, Asia, America), help identify the most relevant and valid risk models and risk coefficients for the different exposure situations considered (in uranium miners and in the general population exposed to indoor radon, interaction between radon and tobacco, etc.), and assess the impact of the different sources of uncertainty (identified beforehand) on the estimation of the lifetime risk.

The ideal candidate should have a PhD degree in epidemiology or biostatistics, have a good training in the fields of environmental epidemiology and health risk modelling, and be able to demonstrate their ability to valorise the results of their research, either through the writing of scientific articles or through oral presentations in scientific conferences.

To apply, send your CV and application letter to Enora CLERO ( Applications will be received until the position is filled. More information is available here in French.

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