RadoNorm milestone (MS71) Workshop with industry representatives and relevant authorities dealing with radioactivity in water.

One task of RadoNorm project (www.radonorm.eu) is aimed at problem of liquid NORM considered from perspective of environmental and human impact including mitigation methods as purification or dilution.
To highlight existing situations and keep research planed close to the reality a workshop is planned with researchers, industry operators, and regulators to discuss problems and conclude about possible solutions and further research directions to be followed. The workshop is planned to be organised in panel discussion mode where selected group of panellists shares facts, offers opinions and responds to audience questions. The panel discussion will be preceded by introductory presentations providing description of legal context, research examples, case studies, and already applied solutions.

The online workshop will be organized on 24th and 25th February 2021, with two 4-hours sessions, starting at 1 pm CET (Note: start time is subject of changes). Please register here: https://gigmarketing.pl/registration/radonorm-workshop-registration/. More information is provided in the flyer.

1st Annual Meeting

We will have the 1st AM meeting to meet the consortium and discuss the progress we have made to date and what partners can expect in the year to come.

WP5 General Meeting

Meeting agenda:

– Coordination of individual Task/ sub-tasks activities, work plans, milestones and deliverables planned for 2021
– Regular meetings schedule for 2021
– Debriefing on Data management/ sharing workshop, including the STOREdb related introductory training
– RadoNorm Executive Board information sharing
– PhD/ PostDoc projects update; RadoNorm courses

Organizer: SURO

Task 2.8 Meeting 2

Progress on topics selected.

Internal Task 2.8 Meeting. Link will be provided to official participants and those who ask via E-mail.

Organisator: Laura Urso – Task Leader for Task 2.8

Kick-off meeting of Task 2.4

Progress on topics selected: “Methods for improving the identification of buildings and areas with high indoor radon levels”.

Internal Task 2.4 Meeting. Link will be provided to official participants and those who ask via E-mail.

Organizer: Francesco Bochicchio & Sara Antignani – Task Leader for Task 2.4