European Radon Day

written by Nadja Železnik
04. Nov 2022
Categories: Webinars

The European Radon Association proclaimed 7 November “European Radon Day”. With good reason: the radioactive noble gas is among the leading causes of death from lung cancer after smoking. Radon occurs everywhere in soil. Larger amounts entering a building increase the lung cancer risk of residents. The Association chose the most significant date for the European Radon Day – Marie Curie’s birthday. The physicist born 1867 in Warsaw discovered, together with her husband, the chemical element radium, among others. One of its decay products is radon.

RadoNorm will organise on that day a webinar for citizen science open call for proposals

You still can register for this ZOOM webinar:

The main objective of this webinar is to provide information on the open call for RadoNorm citizen science proposals and support potential applicants to apply. RadoNorm is looking to fund and support citizen science initiatives related to radon testing and/or radon mitigation in radon priority areas.

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