Change in WP4 leadership

written by Nadja Železnik
30. Aug 2022

Sisko Salomaa (STUK), who has served as WP4 leader for the past 2 years, will be retiring soon. Sisko has been a prominent player in radiation protection over the years through research and teaching positions, participation in several EU projects and research platforms, and contribution to various international entities such as UNSCEAR and ICRP. Sisko sends her warmest regards to the RadoNorm colleagues and best wishes for the continued success of this outstanding project.

RadoNorm heartily thanks Sisko for all her hard work and dedication, and sends her best wishes for the future.

“Dear Sisko, there are always people who will never be forgotten and, without doubt you are one of them. We will badly miss your profound knowledge and experience, but also the patient, friendly but nevertheless quite goal-oriented way of pushing and helping to shape radiation research. For the future ahead of you I wish you a wonderful time to enjoy your life and the new freedom to the fullest.” – Ulrike Kulka

I didn’t know you very well, since we get in touch recently through RadoNorm. But it was a real pleasure to have shared with you these last 2 years. I wish you the best for the future, a healthy and peaceful retirement.” – Laureline Février

Sisko was one of the first supporters for integration of social science and humanities (SSH). Her continuous support of the SSH community stimulated a holistic approach to radiation protection and enabled research projects, such as RadoNorm to perform excellent research. Members of WP6 will miss Sisko as a research partner. We wish you, Sisko, a lot of engagements, if not in a research than in other pleasant activities.” – Tanja Perko

I still remember when we met in a DoReMi Workshop in Budapest around ten years ago. It was the first time we discussed some questions on radon and carcinogenesis. It is great that we could start to work together on this topic in the RadoNorm project.” – Balázs Madas

Dear Sisko, thank you for always creating a positive and inspiring atmosphere during our collaboration. We will always miss your dedicated work in radiation protection, particularly in radiation biology and genetics. We wish you a good health and great life ahead, enjoying every single day after retirement!” – Aleš Froňka

»Dear Sisko, life is so beautiful if one allows, so take big steps to have a meaningful and joyful withdrawal.”- Nadja Železnik

As of 1st September, Päivi Roivainen (UEF) will take over leadership of WP4. Päivi is a young researcher of the radiation protection community, having completed her PhD in 2011 in environmental sciences. She has participated in several national and international projects and is involved in teaching activities.

Senior inspector Tuukka Turtiainen will take over the scientific contact at STUK.






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