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june, 2023

Smoking reduces radon dose to the lungs?

A recent RadoNorm study by Honorio da Silva et al. has found that miners chronic smokers receive 3% smaller lung doses than a non-smoking reference adult male (stipulated by the International Commission on Radiological Protection), and dose for smokers is reduced by...

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New publication from WP2

To complement a recently published article by Michalik et al. on the systematic identification of NORM, Popic et al. have published a new article titled “Tools for harmonized data collection at exposure situations with naturally occurring radioactive materials” in the...

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New RadoNorm Publications

2 new papers in the framework of WP2 have been recently published: “Influence of Dose Conversions, Equilibrium Factors, and Unattached Fractions on Radon Risk Assessment in Operating and Show Underground Mines” by Skubacz et al compares the results of exposure...

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New publications

Sofie Apers, Heidi Vandebosch, and Tanja Perko published a new scientific article in the journal Communications titled “Clearing the air: A systematic review of mass media campaigns to increase indoor radon testing and remediation”. The objective of their study was to...

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New RadoNorm Publications from WP2

2! new publications have been recently published by members of WP2 at the Silesian Centre for Environmental Radioactivity (GIG), Poland. One is titled “Radon Exposure in the Underground Tourist Route–Historic Silver Mine in Tarnowskie Góry, Poland” by Grygier et al.,...

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