A great success for the RadoNorm citizen science call for proposals

written by Nadja Železnik
21. Feb 2023
Categories: Stakeholders

RadoNorm’s citizen science call for proposals is now closed and 18 applications have been received from across 11 European Union Member States and associated countries. The applicants range from universities, research institutes, civic groups, SMEs and authorities.

The proposals outline innovative strategies to launch or consolidate citizen science initiatives focused on radon testing and/or radon mitigation in radon priority areas. RadoNorm has committed to provide funding and resources for a six-month project, ensuring that these initiatives receive the support and tools necessary to thrive. To ensure transparency and fairness, a committee of independent evaluators with expertise in citizen science and radon mitigation will evaluate each proposal and select at least five of the most promising projects. The selected proposals will receive up to 25,000 euros in funding, with a dedicated team to guide them through the process. The future Early Career Research position (applications open until 27th February) is meant to support and evaluate the accepted projects. RadoNorm’s citizen science call for proposals has successfully fostered collaboration and innovation in the fight against radon. By investing in these initiatives, RadoNorm is actively working towards creating safer and healthier environments for residents under radon risk.


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