2 RadoNorm Training Courses commencing this week

written by Nadja Železnik
15. Apr 2024
Categories: Courses

The “InterRad” training course organised by BfS and “NORM – characterisation, inventory of related exposure situations and monitoring principles” training course organised by GIG, start on 15th April and will run for 2 weeks. The InterRad course will start with its first week online, offering a glimpse into many disciplines in radiation protection, followed by a practical week of lab training in radiobiology and biological dosimetry at BfS in Munich, Germany. The NORM training course at GIG will tackle various aspects of radon and NORM, including legal aspects, characterising NORM-involving industries and measurement procedures, among others. The course will be held at GIG in Katowice, Poland.

For a full list of RadoNorm courses, please visit the RadoNorm course website.

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